Christmas decoration 2014


Here’s a little snowman (actually pretty big) my mom bought. She fell in love with it at first sight!
I love the way it smiles! ^^ It’s standing next to the Christmas tree, that you can see in the next picture!  Oh yeah, for the record, this is about the christmas decoration at my family home (which I decorated) ;)  I don’t live alone, not yet! ^^


For the Christmas tree this year, my mother asked me to add some bows to it. They were quite a job to make (since I’m a perfectionist), but it really adds a lot to the tree I think. It’s an icy theme, as you can see^^ Then here’s some other decoration !

IMG_20141218_124217     IMG_20141218_124231
You just gotta love polarbears! <3 They even sparkle a bit! Then here’s some more!

IMG_20141218_124603      IMG_20141218_124542
 actually got these owls a few years back. I just love their fluffiness! ^^
Then here’s the last part which has more of a “red theme”:
IMG_20141218_124355      IMG_20141218_124347
ou can click on the pictures, if you want to view them larger! ^^ Anyway, I enjoyed decorating
a lot! Have fun decorating yours! Happy holidays! :)


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