Stampin’ up the calendar!

Hey guys! As you all know, I’m a big Stamping-fan! I recently ordered some adorable stamps and a cute desktop calendar on ebay, for a pretty nice price! But first, here’s a picture of the calendar $10,59 (incl. shipping) !


I think the writing under the numbers is Chinese? Correct me if I’m wrong. ;) Anyway, you can tell it’s very adorable and cute! Then after using my new stamps ($13) the calendar looks like this:


I would’ve loved to use mor stamps.. But since I have exams, there really wasn’t much to stamp about… Anyway, now for a picture of the adorable stamps (which I’m still very excited about) :


Just look at them! And so many usefull ones. You don’t necessarely have to use them for your calendar. You can use them for cards, your filofax, journal, diary, planner, … so many things! I’m very pleased to have added these to my stamps-collection! For those of you who would love a box like this, just ask away! I’ll send you the link! That concludes this calendar/stamps update!



8 thoughts on “Stampin’ up the calendar!

  1. Love these! I have seen them at a local bookstore/stationery shop called Kyobo here in Seoul, Korea. The calendar dates are in Chinese, but it seems to be a Korean brand. The stamps are definitely Korean! Awesome find! Cheaper here. Shops online increase their profit and charge a lot for shipping. Whenever I go back to Canada I bring a ton of stationery stuff with me. If you’re interested in doing a swap… let me know for more stuff like this please let me know :D

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    • That’s so sweet of you! I thought it was Chinese! ;) I thought it was really cheap already :o but it’s still cheaper? I can imagine there’s lots of cute stationery stuff in Korea (like Japan). I would definitely be interested in doing a swap sometime! Could I have your e-mail? :D Thanks for the comment and stopping by!


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