Kikki k Medium lilac planner unboxing!

Hey there!

So I’ve finnaly received my first Kikki k planner EVER. I used to have a filofax planner (which I love), but have always been adoring the colors of the Kikki k planners and it’s beautiful style. Although they are a bit pricey I was lucky enough to buy one for half the price! I’m very excited to show my new video with you where I unbox the planner and tell you about my first impressions. ;) But first here is a closeup picture of the planner !


I’m absolutely inlove with these gold rings! But anyway, if you wanna see more, check out the video below! It would also mean a lot to me if you would like the video/ subscribe to my channel. Thank you for the support! ;) Have fun watching the video!


6 thoughts on “Kikki k Medium lilac planner unboxing!

  1. I have this planner too, I’ve had it for about 6 months and the divider tabs are starting to get tatty and rip (not great but it means I can make new dividers) :) Heading over to watch your video x


    • Thanks for the comment ! I absolutely love this planner! And waw 6 months! ^^ Would love to see the divders you’ll make! (will post mine soon). Thanks for watching my video aswell! Your support means lots to me!

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    • I’m also inlove with this lilac color! I’ve been hearing a lot about Erin Condren lately! Those planner look awesome too! The only thing is that I love customization and personalising my planners so much (dividers), and there’s more posibilities with a filofax/kikki k. :D Thanks for stopping by!


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