New dividers! (kikki k planner)


Hey there! As you guys know I recently bought a kikki k medium sized planner. Since I wanted to make it more personal and unique I made these dividers asap! I The things I used to make these dividers were: “Scrapbookpaper, ikea round stickers, pen, laminator, gold pen, hole punch”. That’s about it! My mother actually brought these ikea stickers and I though they would be perfect for my new dividers. I’m pretty happy with them! I chose soft colors since the kikki k lilac is also pretty soft and elegant looking. I’m really digging it! If you want to see the dividers more clearly, here they are! Just click on them for a bigger view.

BeFunky_IMG_0310.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0311.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0312.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0313.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0314.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0315.jpg BeFunky_IMG_0316.jpg

I’m curious to know what you guys think of my new dividers ;) That’s it for this planner-related update. I hope you all had fun reading my new post! Thanks for the support! Bye.



38 thoughts on “New dividers! (kikki k planner)

      • Cool, I know the one you mean! I’m just looking at buying a camera so I can start doing videos – I’m looking at a Canon 700D x I do have a DSLR but my iPhone takes better photos! I’m in desperate need of a camera upgrade x

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      • Mhmmm I know exactly what you mean! Since I started my blog I also wanted to have one. The one I bought (the t5i) is better than I expected! :D I did days of research (as to the details, fps,…) and came to know this camera! It’s perfect for videos AND pictures! What more does a blogger/vlogger want right!? ;3 I mean I’m pretty happy with the quality of my vids and pics. but ofcourse with the perfect lighting tools it will get even better. But that’ll have to wait :p But I definitely recommend this camera! ^^ Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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      • Thank you Jess! I was lucky to get my whole lighting set up as an early birthday present last year, the lighting seems to be cheap compared to buying a new camera though! It’s going to take some saving! X

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      • That’s ok! No. If I have natural daylight to work with – I don’t need them. I use them if I have to take photos in the dark or if it’s just plain miserable outside x a lot of my blog photos are taken in the dark – hopefully you can’t tell! X

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    • Thank you so much! Glad you like them! :D Oh nice! You should definitely try making your own dividers. It just makes your planner so much more personalised! Since I just traced the original dividers that came with the Kikki K the tabs come from there. :) The holes I punched with a one hole punch, I just traced where they should be by comparing them with the original dividers! I hope this helps. Good luck making them ! :D

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