My name is Jessica, and I’m a Washi Tape addict!

Hey there !!

A lot of you know that I am obsessed with washi tape! So I thought it was about time to show you the washi tape I have collected so far! Starting off with a picture of course!


So that’s my stash(for now)! Counting them I think it’s about 90? But you all know, that it will keep growing. Now, why am I so fond of Washi tape you must be thinking? It’s the possibilities. There is just so much you can do with washi tape, especially decorating things (planners, furniture, presents, cards, craftworks,…). Since I also love seeing lots of different colors and patterns, it just makes me wanna have more washi tape! For now I’m on the lookout to buy more gold-themed washi tape. But they are just so hard to find in stores in Belgium. Next step: Ebay! But this will have to wait for a bit! ;)

I am wondering though, am I the only one here who’s so crazy about washi tape? ;)


63 thoughts on “My name is Jessica, and I’m a Washi Tape addict!

    • Mostly for decorating things like my planner, other random things, cards, craftworks, snailmail,… In the future I’ll be making a video to show some of the possibilities of Washi Tape! But other than that I just love collecting things! ;) Hope that helps! :)


  1. Girrrrrrl you know Brittany loves washi tape! She’s actually has a post scheduled soon on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WASHI TAPE! You definitely are not going to want to miss that. I like your main picture & how you have it organized by color.
    Xoxo Sam

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    • I haven’t swapped before, bt I’m trying to find some swap/penpals/happy mail friends to swap and exchange cute goodies with! That’s so awesome! I would love to swap with your friend. :D


    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad u enjoyed my post! ;) indeed, washi tape can be very expensive! Especially in craft stores. :o But you’d be suprised what kind of cheap washi tape you can find in other stores! :) Or on eBay!


  2. Hi Jessica. Can you let me know the width of your gold washi tape? I got a roll of gold for you but I’m not sure if you already have it. It’s a solid gold… let me know :)

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    • I’m not sure what the width is (I don’t have it with me at my place in Ghent) but it’s pretty thin, plus it isn’t really as gold as it’s supposed to be. ;o it’s more brown/gold in real life, unfortunately. And you might have noticed I’m a gold fan! :D So I’m sure I’ll be really happy with gold washi tape! <3 Thank you so much!


  3. Hehe. It’s a bit addictive buying washi tape isn’t it. There’s so many and they are all so pretty! I don’t have that many but then I don’t actually use them for anything really. I just see them online and can’t resist buying them!

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