Kikki K medium planner setup!


Hey there !

Finnaly, the long awaited new setup video of my Kikki K lilac medium sized planner! :D
I know some of you were curious to know how my setup looks like right now, so I finnaly made you guys a video to show my current setup! I change my setup quite a lot, but for now I’m pretty happy with this one!

So for those who want to see what the inside of my current planner looks like, check out the video here:

I hope you enjoy watching the video, and let me know what you think! ;)
Happy planning to you all!

ps: For those of you who are looking for some planner related freebies. I’ve added a new page at the top of my blog called “planner freebies”. For now there’s only some free quotes you can print, but I’ll be adding more in the future! (Yes, also inserts!!) So stay tuned!



27 thoughts on “Kikki K medium planner setup!

  1. Hi Jessica :D
    I’m visiting to leave a comment here and on your video. Your blog is super pretty and cute! I even subscribed via email in order to watch your future blog entries ^^

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  2. I am getting a kikki k large planner I am super duper excited about it do you know of any places were you can get the little supplies and cute little things. I love all them types of things. But yours is awesome love it :)

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    • Oh nice!! :D You must be so excited! Kikki K has some gorgeous planners! Mhm it depends on what you wanna use to decorate and all. (Thehe I really need to do a video “Getting started with planning” :p) Well, the most supplies I buy to use are cute pens, sticky notes, paper clips, stickers, washi tape,… and ofc I also try making my own paper clips to have more unique supplies too. ;) Oh yeah! I also love using diary stamps! I mostly buy everything on eBay and in local stores. Try typing in these keywords in eBay, and you will have some days of fun browsing, trust me! :D ” cute sticky notes, korean stationery, japanese statijonery, cute stationery, cute pen, planner stickers, planner stamps, cute stickers, korean stickers, washi tape bundle, cute washi tap, cute paperclips”. Those should definitely get you on the way! :D I hope this helps! And I’m glad you like my setup!

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      • Well thank you and I will do that…Never though something so simple would turn out to be so awesome. It is like an addication and when it comes to supplies i feel like I can never ever have enough of them:) Thanks bunches

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