Planner supplies passport case


Hey there! I’m back with another planner related video! This times it’s abot using a Travel passport case as a planner supplies holder! It’s super cheap and super easy! I bought this one on eBay ! In the video I’ll show you what I put inside this pouch and how handy it is to use! :) So here’s the video down below:

But first some “ps”: I will be dying my hair this thursday in a dip dye with a bright color! I will post it ofc! ;)
pss: I’m thinking about trying to make my own midori traveler’s notebook! I’ve been seeing those a lot lately on instagram, pinterest, tumblr,… and I really wanna try it out. You all know, I haven’t reached that level of “planner peace” yet, and am still on the lookout for other planner alternatives! So be sure to hear more about that in the future! ;)

Now the link! Enjoy the video and subscribe if you like it! Thanks for the support. :)



16 thoughts on “Planner supplies passport case

  1. I love your case! I can’t wait to see your Fauxdori – I ordered one from Etsy and I’m looking forward to turning it into a health & fitness journal.
    Also, I’m so excited about your hair! I have just realised that I can have my hair how I like (now I’m no longer teaching!) oh, what to do!


    • Nice idea to make it into a health & fitness journal! Don’t expect too much though. ;D It’ll be my first try making one! I’m really excited too! There was actually a time (not too long though) that I had blue hair (completely), I’ll share that picture once I update everyone with a hair picture! ;) Thehe, and yes! You work from home, I expect you to be creative with your hair, teehee!

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  2. Hi Jessica ^^
    This idea is very cool~! I might get one of those cases because it looks so practical for keeping planner suppliesβ™₯!
    Thanks for the idea, loved the video and all your cute supplies ;D
    And… did you dyed your hair? I’d love to see the result ^.^/β™₯
    I also dyed mine two days ago, the teal color is gone! T.T; hehe now my hair is black :P
    Greetings *hugs* β™₯

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    • Hey there Cori! Yess, it really is practical! :D I was supposed to go to the hairdresser, but my boyfriend was kinda angry, because it was super expensive ! o.o He was right though. :p I was just too excited I didn’t pay enough attention. :'( So it’ll have to wait a bit. I’m thinking about doing it myself! (I hope that’ll turn out ok :p) but first I need to do some research! :D Your hair is black now?? :O Wooh! Post a picture on insta! Would love to see it. :o Why did you change it ? Hugs!


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