I did a thing! (Purple/pink Hair dip dye)


Hey there ! :D I’m back (pretty fast I know o.o)! Since exams will be there sooner than I wished for I wanna post lots of things now becasue I won’t have any time then. So here’s the update I was talking about! I was supposed to get my hair colored at the hairdresser… but my boyfriend convinced me that it was WAY too expensive! So I thought “hey, why not try it myself?” So here is the result! I really like the color, and I didn’t bleach it before since my hair is blonde on it’s own. I feel like I shouldve colored a bigger part though. Aside from that I really need to learn how to make it fade :o So that it’s a real nice fading color! :) Here’s another picture:


Please don’t mind my awkward duckface. >.< I am pretty bad at taking non-awkward selfies! Anyway, I wore the same colored lipstick with my new haircolor! What do you guys think about the color?? :)

I’m off, bye!



34 thoughts on “I did a thing! (Purple/pink Hair dip dye)

  1. it looks cool! i think what would suit you best is a darker blonde ombre though <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. Love it Jess ♥! You look so pretty ^.^/★! You made an amazing job on your own hair :D
    I miss my blue hair so much T-T but as you said, is kind of expensive to go at the hair salon D: hehe :P
    Greetings~♪ Have a nice week ♥!

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    • Thank you so much sweetie! :D You’re so sweet! And I can imagine you miss it! ;o There’s just something about having some color in your hair isn’t it ! Great week to you too! :D


  3. Love the hair! :D I’ve been coloring my own since I was a kid, and it saves SO MUCH MONEY. Money that can be spent on fancifully colored hairdye and washi tape. >_>;;; XD <3

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