New logo + Opened my etsy shop!

Hey there!

I am very happy to anounce that I have opened my own etsy store! Check out the link here:

I have always wanted my own etsy store and finnaly took the leap! For now it only has some downloadable clipart as you can see. (Fun to use for scrapbooking (online or not), project life, cardmaking) BUT! Of course I have a lot of plans for the shop in the near/far future!


For those who want to know what I’m planning to add in the future:

  • Downloadable planner inserts (filofax pocket/personal/a5,…)
  • Downloadable project life cards
  • Downloadable scrapbooking paper and more clipart!
  • Handmade paper clips
  • Handmade dividers (filofax/Kikki K pocket/personal/a5)
  • Custom drawn dashboards (filofax/kikki K pocket/personal/a5)!
  • Downloadable greeting cards
  • Downloadable planner stickers

Of course these are just some ideas for now! But I’m very excited to start this new adventure! I hope you guys are too! :D Let me know if there’s anything you think I could sell that you’d like? What would you like to see in my store? :)

ps: You might have noticed the changes in my page and youtube layout. It’s now fitting with the new logo I made! ;)

Bye guys! Have a great day!



26 thoughts on “New logo + Opened my etsy shop!

  1. Congratulations for the Etsy opening Jess ♥!
    I already favorited your shop and I wish you the best with this new project! I hope you can accomplish all your lovely ideas ^^ ♥!
    Some months ago I also decided to change my Etsy shop purpose and I’ll also be selling planner goodies~~ we’re going to be Etsy pals and penpals ^.^/♥! hehe *hugs*
    Have a nice week Jess ;)

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    • Thank you so much Cori! :D I hope everything goes well too! nice! planner goodies <3 I'll keep an eye out! and yay! Etsy pals :D <3 I'm so excited! Have a great week too, Cori! Lots of hugs!

      ps: I really hope that happy mail reaches you soon :o I'm starting to get worried :'(


      • You’ll see everything is going to be super fine with your lovely shop Jess ^.^/♥!
        PS. don’t worry about the happy mail, the mail takes around a month to arrive ^^ actually tomorrow I’ll go to the post office to ask if there’s anything for me, I’ll let you know when it arrives :D

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