Suprise Happy Mail from my friend in Japan!

Hey there! :D It’s been about a week since my last post&video, but I am back! (Not that I was away..just busy with work ;) ) I got another snailmal and a really good friend of mine who’s on an exchange program in Japan for a year suprised me today with a big happy mail!! I totally didn’t expect it, and was so excited and curious to know what she got me! I decided to film it and share my excited with you! If you’re also curious to know what I got, here’s the video:

Ofc, this post wouldn’t be complete without some pictures!!


This is some snailmail that I got from Stephanie! :D I love all of the stamps! Also that deco tape is so awesome! :3 Aside from her lovely letter she also gave me some glitter Washi Tape! Here’s a picture:


Stephanie has a very lovely blog about snailmail, Happy mail & more! :D Check it out here:

Now for the big box Happy mail!! Here’s the box:


Now I’ll just post a bunch of pictures of the things I got! :D If you’re curious to know more about them, or would like to know my reaction check out the video! ;) Thank you guys for always supporting me! I hope you enjoy this post and watching the video! :3

IMG_0722 IMG_0719 IMG_0716 IMG_0711 IMG_0705 IMG_0702 IMG_0700 IMG_0698 IMG_0697 IMG_0695 IMG_0693 IMG_0690 IMG_0688

That’s it for this post! :D See you all later! ;)



22 thoughts on “Suprise Happy Mail from my friend in Japan!

      • Well then, if only I had a friend who was staying in Japan for a while for my convenience. Although, being the one who actually studied Japanese, I think I’m the one expected to go there :D

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      • It sadly hasn’t been in the budget. I’m working on saving the money to get there…which actually, I could do. But that’s about as much as I can afford. I’d be able to fly there, I just wouldn’t be able to go anywhere…or eat…ya could be another while before I get there XD By the time I do, I’ll probably have forgotten everything I learned of the language over the last for years, which admittedly isn’t all that much :D

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  1. Yay for Happy Mail~ ♥! Everything you received in the mail is super cute Jess~ ♥ :D
    And I’m sorry for my late comment T.T I hope you’re having a great weekend over there ^^
    Also I hope my happy mail arrives soon~ I’ll keep tracking it and I will let you know once is near you ;) *hugs*

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