I’ve made some free journal cards! + decorating video!

Hey there!

Seeing my by blog and youtubechannel grow little by little thanks to everybody’s support really makes me a very happy person! :D So before I tell you what this post is about I want to thank you all for the kind support and feedback! ;) Every little comment and like counts to me! Because of this I’ve decided to put some more things into the ‘freebies’ section of this blog! Therefore I decided to design some free printable Journal Cards (Project life cards)! :D

I had a lot of fun coming op with simple doodle inspired black&white designs! Here is an overview of the journal cards I’ve designed so far and that I will put on the blog!


It was a real creative challenge, but so much fun! You can see the desings are very simple, but you all know I love simple designs thehe. ;) Anyway the whole point of this doodly black&white theme is that you can add some color to the journal cards yourself! So, where can you download these? You can find them in the header: “planner freebies” section! It’s a word document on A4 paper (which you can change to lettersized paper) ! All you have to do is download them, print them on thick paper and cut them out ! :D Then they are free to use for whatever little project!

Want me to design some more free journal cards? Please let me know in the comments below! :D I would love to come up with more designs! Also, please share me your thoughts and if you like them! ;)

When you use the journal cards and post pictures on Instagram feel free to add the #Jessjc or #Jumpyjess ! Because I would love to see how you use these journal cards! :D

Now! I’ve made a video where I talk about the Journal cards and show you some examples of how to decorate them! Here is the video if you’re interested:

Again, let me know if you’d like more! :D Bye!


21 thoughts on “I’ve made some free journal cards! + decorating video!

  1. Loved it~~~♪ and I also clicked the ‘like’ button ;D
    hehe the journal cards you made are super cute Jess! I’ll download them and when I use them I’ll be sure to add your hashtag ♥!
    Thank you so much for making this cute freebie ^.^/ *hugs!* ♥

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  2. Hi Jess! First of all thank you for liking my post about snailmail and postcrossing. I posted it in Indonesian because not so many snailmail and postcrossing enthusiast in Indonesia and I’d like to make this activity alive again. I really really like your journal cards! I would like to download them and used them for my journal and also for my letters hehe. My question is what kind of paper did you use for your journal cards? Because I’d like to try to design my own journal cards. I’m waiting for more updates from you and I hope we can be a good friends. Maybe, a penpals too? :) Anyway, have a great day!

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    • Hi there! First of all you’re very welcome! :) I’m very happy you like the free Journal cards! :D I just printed them on thick white paper, because that way it’s more sturdy just like other journal cards. :3 You should definitely try designing your own journal cards! it’s fun! :D Sure! I would love to be penpals (send me an e-mail! ) Good luck on making snailmail more populair in Indonesia! Have a great day too! :3 Greetings, from Belgium!


      • Yes now I’m trying to design my own journal cards. I’m trying to draw some design on my books and if the result is good I will posted it on my blog :) I will send you an email. Thank you for replying my comment it is very nice of you :)


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