My current Washi Tape collection & my little Washi book!


Hey there! How are you guys? :D
A lot of you know how obsessed I am with Washi Tape! The past year I’ve collected quite an amount of Washi Tape, ranging from very cheap ones, to crazy quality ones, all kinds of colors and patterns! I thought it was about time to give you guys an updated collection! I made a little Washi Tape book where I have an overview of my current collection! In the video I share with you where I mostly buy Washi Tape, the story behind the little book, and ofcourse  my entire Washi Tape collection! :D

Here’s the video below, if you wanna check it out! Oh! By the way, I have almost reached 1000 subscribers on youtube! :D Sounds like a great number for another giveaway doesn’t it? ;)



12 thoughts on “My current Washi Tape collection & my little Washi book!

  1. I am so, so, so jealous of you and your washi tape collection right now! I actually have two posts scheduled for the next week about my washi tape collection but it’s now looking so small in comparison!
    There’s only one shop in Limerick where I know I can get washi tape and they’re expensive there so I have to buy most of mine online. It’s a slow build of my collection but I hope I can get mine as big as yours someday :)

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  2. Hi Jess ♥!
    I loved your washi tape collection and the way you keep the samples ^^ I tried to do the same but I never thought in dividing them in colors ^.^;; I just stick them in a cute journal hehe. And I saw you added the ones I sent you~ you’re so cute for adding those too T//T ♥
    I hope you’re having a nice week my cute friend~ *hugs*!!

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    • Hey Cori! Thank you sweetie! >//< Glad you like it! Thehe yeah, I love colorcoding! Ofc I had to add them! ;O Those deco tapes were to cute not to have a little sample page in my little book! I hope you have a great week too! :D "hugs"!


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