New planner!: My handmade Paperdori setup!

Hey there! :D I hope everyon’s having a great weekend so far! :3 I’m very excited to share with you that I’ve been using a new planner! (suprise, suprise. :p ) I wanted to try make a more affordable yet still cute Midori traveler’s notebook style planner! So I used my favorite scrapbookpaper & plasticfoil and this was the result!


Now, ofcourse you all know I always share my planner setup with you and give you guys a little peek! So I’ve done the same with this new planner! If you’re interested as to how I set it up, here’s the video below! :D Enjoy

Ps: I will be making a DIY video on how to make this kind of affordable paperdori! So subscribe & stay tuned for that!



8 thoughts on “New planner!: My handmade Paperdori setup!

  1. Thanks very much for liking my blog post. I’ve followed yours and can’t wait to have a look through your posts and your youtube videos. If you’d like, pop over an have a look on my youtube. I’ve a few different videos up on my midori. I’m anyway, I’m really glad that you stumbled across my blog and in turn, now I can have a look through yours. It looks right up my street :)


  2. Hi! Jessica, Can’t wait your tutorial for this. I hope you can share your diy planner inserts for personal size with 6 hole and without hole. Thank you very much. 😀

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  3. Hello .. Just found your IG and YouTube and I’m hooked watching your videos .. You are so sweet and adorable to listen to !! (Did I just swear??) Lol thought that was cute .. Love all your set ups and will be stalking you .. :o)

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    • Hey! :D I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying my videos! Although they are very clumsy, thehe. :p Your comment definitely made my smile! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy whatever I post&upload in the future too! ;) xxxxx


  4. Hello Jess~ ♥!
    I love all your kawaii creations :D I’m going to be looking forward the DIY because I loved your paperdori planner ♥!!
    PS. And I saw some of the goodies I sent you~ Ihhh I was so happy to see you liked them and are using them ^^ I also loved the ones I received from you ^.^/♪♥!!

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