My HEMA handmade Stamps!

Hey there!

In my last video & blogpost I shared with you some of the things I bought at HEMA and a craft store! One of the things was the DIY Stamp set! So of course I would love to share with you the stamps I made! :D Here’s a picture!

I made these stamps out of 2 rubbers! I started with the tag one! :D I thought it would be fun to have a tag stamp to use for journaling, snailmail & more! I have to say , it was quite tricky at first! (also since I’m not a perfectionist) With the leftover from that ruber I also carved a “Tape stamp”! With the other rubber I carved a big cat and a little flag stamp! The stamp and tape stamp would definitely be fun to use in different colors! :D I didn’t want to throw away leftover rubber, therefore I carved those small ones too!

Making my own stamps was a lot of fun! :D Although I did hurt myself in the process.. :p (suprise, suprise)! I would definitely recommend you try out this DIY stamp set! It’s so much fun! I would love to see what kind of stamps you all make! ;) Well, that concludes this little stamp making update! You will definitely see me using these in the future, and probably making more! Have a great weekend! :D

Ps: That cute card set giveaway is still going on! Check out the post about it here: 


24 thoughts on “My HEMA handmade Stamps!

  1. They turned out really well!
    I’ll have to give making my own stamps a shot if I can find the materials. Reminds me of when I was in secondary school and did some lino printing in art class…although I cut myself a lot when I was doing that so I best have the bandages ready if I do try this!

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      • Cool! :D Torhout is meh…. Ik woon er nog met m’n ouders, het huisje is gezellig, maar het dorp heeft nooit echt als m’n thuis gevoeld. ;) Gent daarintegen is awesome! :D De stad van de studenten. Ik heb daar gestudeerd, de liefde van m’n leven leren kennen en wil er ook m’n toekomst doorbrengen! :3 Een heel culturele stad en in tegenstelling tot andere steden heeft het ook wat wils voor vegetariërs (zoals ik :p ) ! Nu op dit moment zijn er de jaarlijkse Gentse feesten :3 moetj es wat info over opzoeken! :D Anyway, so yeass, Gent is awesome!

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