New Year’s special!: Transforming a cheap plain planner into a unique one!

Hey there everyone!

First of all I’d like to apologize for losing track of keeping up with my blog. =o I’ve been working really hard at youtube and my day to day job aswell. (Yay, I found a job!) But with the new year that just started, I made it one of my many resolutions. ;)

Speaking of the new year! I’ve decided to make a video on how to turn a plain & cheap planner into a more unique and personalised one. This keeping in mind that not anyone can afford a filofax or expensive planner. There’s nothing more fun than experimenting and trying to be a creative planner on a budget!

The planner I chose was a simple planner from ‘HEMA’, one of my favorite stores. It was around 6 euros, so very inexpensive. Then I decided tot transform it! If you wanna see how I did that, watch the video down below! ;)

I hope you enjoyed watching the video! Maybe it gave you some ideas for planning on a budget too! :3 Thanks for watching and supporting me!

See you!




Book (&Hobby) Convention finds!

Hey there!

About a week ago I went to a book convention in Ghent that didn’t only sell books at a very cheap price, it also selled some Hobby and crafting stuff! It was the first time I went to a book convention and I didn’t really expect many hobby related things… But to my suprise they had quite a few! I took my mother along with me since she can always use some books as a Kindergarden teacher! The day turned out to be a lot of fun and I will definitely go again next time! :D Here are a few pictures of the lovely things that I found there!

These stamps were the first thing I stumbled upon! How awesome are these? :D I really like the font! And that Little crab saying “I was a little crabby!” is just perfect! Although I like the “oops Garden gnoom” a lot to!

I also found this little foam stamp box! They were very cheap… But I really liked the doodly kind of stamps like the diamond, cake, lightbulb,… I thought they were really cute for journaling, planner decorating,… I’m not sure when I’m going to have to use the “Bad boy, naughty,…” stamps any time soon though. :p I also found those pink flower clips that I thought were just lovely!

Then here’s the stamp that I just couldn’t look away from! How absolutely gorgeous is this stamp? I love the details (the trunks and flowers,..) It’s a pretty big one.. Probably the biggest stamp I’ve ever bought! I think any “stamp lover” can appreciate this kind of stamp! :D When I found this one, my day was already made!

These were the last stamps that I couldn’t look away from. I didn’t have any “transportation themed” stamps so I thought those little ones would come in handy! :D Too bad it didn’t have a plane though. :o The baby stamps were really cheap so I bought those aswell! It came with a long, small acryllic block, which I really wanted.

Here’s a book that I found about Calligraphy! I really want to learn more about it, and thought this book could help me with that. :) It has really nice illustrations !

THEN I found this… I saw a bunch of books with instructions on how to use different kinds of camera’s! I didn’t remembe what mine was called exactly so I immediately called home! First my grandma picked up, but she didn’t understand what it was I was looking for, so then my dad helped me. and yes! There was a book for my camera aswell! :D And that price! In case you’re wondering my camera’s the Canon EOS 700D ! I use it to take these pictures and film my videos :)

I FOUND MARVEL STUFF. :D I was really happy when I saw this sticker book! I mean 1000 stickers! Me and my boyfriend really like Marvel! Currently we’re following the TV shows “Daredevil and Marvel’s agents of Shield”! I recommend both! We’re also hooked on the Marvel lego game. (I enjoy smashing things with the Hulk a little too much :p) I also found those Spiderman cards which I found really beautiful. :)

I am hereby ending this post! I’m very excited about all the lovely things I found. :D and glad I got to share it with you! For those of you who’re waiting for the “Paperdori DIY video”, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten! :) Have a great day!




Hey everyone! I’m back with another DIY video! Some of you might have seen my last setup post and video of the midori (well my version) traveler’s notebook! I’ve been going all plannercrazy about this notebook and might even have found plannerpeace ! To celebrate this I decided to try and make a little miniature version of my dori notebook. You can see the endresult in the picture and video! It was so much fun making this little miniature keychain! I have to admit I’m kinda happy with how it turned out! I hope you guys like it to! If I make any other notebooks in the future I will definitely make a mini version of each one of them. It would be such a cute collection ! :D

Now! For those who’d like to make a little miniature version of their traveler’s notebook: Here’s the video! Enjoy watching it and subscribe if you like it and want to see more of my videos! ;) Thanks for all your support!



Planner supplies passport case


Hey there! I’m back with another planner related video! This times it’s abot using a Travel passport case as a planner supplies holder! It’s super cheap and super easy! I bought this one on eBay ! In the video I’ll show you what I put inside this pouch and how handy it is to use! :) So here’s the video down below:

But first some “ps”: I will be dying my hair this thursday in a dip dye with a bright color! I will post it ofc! ;)
pss: I’m thinking about trying to make my own midori traveler’s notebook! I’ve been seeing those a lot lately on instagram, pinterest, tumblr,… and I really wanna try it out. You all know, I haven’t reached that level of “planner peace” yet, and am still on the lookout for other planner alternatives! So be sure to hear more about that in the future! ;)

Now the link! Enjoy the video and subscribe if you like it! Thanks for the support. :)