Planner Freebies

Hey there!
So as I’m trying to figure out how to make my own inserts I will be putting some freebies
on this page! For now it’ll only be for personal sized planners (or for Kikki K medium). ;)
So, yes, these are yours to print and use if you like them! Have fun!
Let me know what you think! ;)

Planner quotes to print on A4: quotes
Journal cards set 1 docx: JumpyJesscards1
Journal cards set 1 pdf: jumpyjesscards1
Calendar cards set docx: Monthlycards
Calendar cards set pdf: Monthlycards
Click on them for a larger image and download away! :) Paste into a word document, add border and print!
pl1 pl2 pl3 pl4 pl5 pl6 pl7 pl8 pl9 pl10 pl11 pl12 pl13 pl14 pl15 pl16

(More to come soon!)
ps: Show me what it looks like in your planner on instagram! @jumpyjessicap or #JumpyJess



17 thoughts on “Planner Freebies

    • hey there! Just by clicking on the pictures now you can download them. :) Paste them into a word document and print them! Let me know if it turns out alright! :D I’m happy you’re interested in them!


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