DIY Happy Easter card!


Hey there!

You must be thinking, “Jessica, are you posting 2 times a day now?”. Nope, it’s a coincidence! And there is only one explanation! I actually forgot to post my DIY easter card, and it would be silly to wait till After Easter right? I normally don’t forget these kind of things though. BUT this week was the game release of “Mario Party 10”, which my and my boyfriend waited for , for months! We might’ve played non-stop? (It’s SOOO MUCH FUN) It’s a game mostly based on luck, and then some skill in minigames. The only sad thing about it is… “I have the WORST luck!” We played hours in a row (the number might scare you :p), and I didn’t win once. It seems impossible. :'( Anyway!


Here’s the materials you’ll need: Scissors, fork, cute scrapbookpaper, ribbon, glue, clear nailpolish, a pen and white paper!



  1. Make or fold your white card base (whatever size you like!)
  2. cut out some small eggs, whatever size and number.
  3. Glue the paper eggs on the white card front.
  4. Make some cute ribbon bows using a fork! I actually found this technique on pinterest! :o Check it here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/325455510546877272/
  5. Glue the bows on top of the paper eggs (I used crafting glue).


  1. Finish it with a “Happy easter sentence”!
  2. DONE!

It is very simple to make! I had a lot of fun making them! ;) Tell me what you think about it!




Christmas decoration 2014


Here’s a little snowman (actually pretty big) my mom bought. She fell in love with it at first sight!
I love the way it smiles! ^^ It’s standing next to the Christmas tree, that you can see in the next picture!  Oh yeah, for the record, this is about the christmas decoration at my family home (which I decorated) ;)  I don’t live alone, not yet! ^^


For the Christmas tree this year, my mother asked me to add some bows to it. They were quite a job to make (since I’m a perfectionist), but it really adds a lot to the tree I think. It’s an icy theme, as you can see^^ Then here’s some other decoration !

IMG_20141218_124217     IMG_20141218_124231
You just gotta love polarbears! <3 They even sparkle a bit! Then here’s some more!

IMG_20141218_124603      IMG_20141218_124542
 actually got these owls a few years back. I just love their fluffiness! ^^
Then here’s the last part which has more of a “red theme”:
IMG_20141218_124355      IMG_20141218_124347
ou can click on the pictures, if you want to view them larger! ^^ Anyway, I enjoyed decorating
a lot! Have fun decorating yours! Happy holidays! :)