$1,79 lovely desktop/bathroom organizer!

Hey there! How aBeFunky_IMG_20150127_223450.jpgre you all doing? Since my exams still haven’t finished yet, it was hard to find the time to blog… But since my long-awaited cheap desktoporganizer came with the mail yesterday, I just had to write a blogpost about it! As you can read in the title it was only $1,79 (including shipping). I spotted it on ebay and didn’t hesitate long to buy it. ;) Here’s a picture without anything in it.

Now, time to add a little magic!


As you can see in the picture, I used it to store my desktop supplies (well some of it…). I’ve put in some pens, sticky notes, stamps, washi tape, my ruler, some stickers and my smartphone. I really love how it looks colorfull and inviting while placed on my desk. This type of organizer can also be used for bathroom supplies, as you can see here:


If I were to use it as bathroom-supplies storage here’s what I would put in: nailpolish, lipstick, toothbrush, comb, mascara, eyepencil, some earrings, eyeshadow, a mirror,… Since I don’t use that much makeup I don’t really need to store more. But you can store whatever you want.

That’s it for today’s post! If you guys have any other ideas as to what you would store inside this adorable storage organizer, let me know! Bye!



Kokeshi perfume

BeFunky_IMG_20150111_221251.jpgΒ Hey there! I’m back with another post, but this time I’m putting my favorite perfume (atm) in
the spotlight! The shape of the perfume is actually based on Japanese “Kokeshi dolls” which
you probably have seen before. The perfume has a very sweet and subtle smell which I love.
I prefer this type of smell over “too strong” ones. To use it, you just take off the head, as weird Β as that may sound. This was actually a present from my boyfriend, Sascha. So I guess that
makes it even more special. The brand also has some nailpolish and other products. Items
like this make a great and lovely gift, don’t you think? I can assure you, I was happy!

Here’s a picture of the nailpolish which I also received as a little gift. ;)


Aren’t these just adorable? Just looking at them cheers me up. On a sidenote, I have a pretty big collection of Momiji dolls at home to. These are message dolls, also based on the Japanese kokeshi dolls. I will be posting about them in the future. Stay tuned for that!