Happy mail from Mexico!!

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post&video! Sorry about that! :D Since my boyfriend finnaly finished writingn his thesis we hade some time for ourselves and I took a little mini-hiatus! But I’m back! :D A few onths ago I sent a happy mail to my friend, Cori, which arrived safely! :D If you want to see what I got her, check out her blogpost about it here:


Yo should definitely check out her blog! :D She has so many cute content and is a real planneraddict just like me!
Since it’s a happy mail exchange she sent me one back! And it finnaly arrived! I’ve made a video where you can see all the goodies she got me and my reaction to opening the happy mail! She got me so many lovely goodies! :D I’m super excited! Here’s the link to the video:

Now! Ofc I always take some pictures, as you all know! Here are some pictures I took of the goodies!


These were some journal cards and masking stickers! :3 You can see everything closer in the video! Aren’t hese lovely??


A little heart box with lots of cute and tiny goodies! :D Look at that pizza eraser!!


Cute polkadot pens!


These super adorable memo post its! Love that kiwi cake!


Cute sticky notes!


Super adorable cute stamps! :D


A cute frog bookmark!


These very lovely deco tapes! :D I love these so much! Especially the onigiri one!



These stickers from her etsy store! :D She gave me some of them! I’m so excited! Now this concludes this little update! :D I am super super thankful to Cori for all these lovely goodies, and can’t wait to use them! ;3 I hope you all enjoyed the post and video!

Ps: Next video&post will be traveler’s notebook related! Stay tuned! :D



16 thoughts on “Happy mail from Mexico!!

  1. Hi Jess~ *hugs* ♥!
    I’m so happy to know that it arrived safely and that you liked the Happy Mail~ ^.^/♪
    I loved all the pictures you posted from it and I’m about to watch the video to comment over there too :D
    ( Sorry that I took some time, we’re getting ready everything for tomorrow’s road trip ^^; )
    PS: I’ll be looking forward the traveler’s notebook video ;) *more hugs* ♥!

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    • Yesss! I really did! :D I hope you had fun watching the video! ;) You don’t have to say sorry, silly! I’m really excited about getting all those cute goodies! :D Thanks for the support! <3 HUGS!


  2. That’s great you snail mail, I have been doing so since summer of 94 I reblogged yur Kikki dividers (mm I think I might be able to do that for a planner I have but its old and part of it is coming away so not sure on that… maybe I’ll see about the other one. I need a way to sort my blog stff, but I usually just make note of what I plublished in my journal and jus start up a draft if I get an idea for the future (though I should start a list of those for each of the blogs!

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    • hey there! Yess, I love snailmail/happy mail! Thanks for reblogging my Kikki K dividers! :) It does help to keep track of your blog in your planner or so. :) Or even just write some ideas in quickly! ^^


      • Yeah I should make a list of what I have for ‘back-ups’/drafts in each but I have only be blogging for almost a year now. I separated the different topics, instead of just my ZodiacImmortal blog I also made a beauty one, Entertainment crafts & writing.

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