DIY Feltdori! (Felt traveler’s notebook)

Hey there! :D

I’m super excited and happy to share with you guys that I made my first “Feltdori” ever & filmed it! Even though I knew it was going to be clumsy (first time afterall) I decided to film it to put it on my youtube channel! ;) I’m very happy with how it turned out and feel like the color of the felt I picked matches well with my personality. :3

Those of you that are following me on instagram know that my “Midori traveler’s notebook inserts” finnaly arrived! :D You’ll be seeing lots of decorations of those on instagram in the future! ;3 More about those inserts later! But yess, so you can tell there has been some changes in my little plannerworld! But I am very happy! :D The biggest change is going from a passportsized dori (paperdori) to a regular size feltdori! But we’ll see how that goes. ;)

For now! Here are some pictures of how the “Feltdori” turned out!

Instead of a charm, this time I added a cute yellow button with white polkadots! :D It definitely represents my love for polkadots doesn’t it? :p
I’m very curious to know what you guys think of my new feltdori? :D Let me know in the comments below!

Now for the video! Here’s a link to the DIY video on how I made it from scratch! If you decide to try it out I wish you good luck! And as always, I would LOVE to see how your feltdori looks like! :3 It’s always fun to see you guys making things from my DIY videos!

I hope you enjoyed watching the video & reading my post! ;) Have a great day!!


13 thoughts on “DIY Feltdori! (Felt traveler’s notebook)

  1. Okay this might be a really stupid question but what is so special about the midori notebooks? I’m not really a planner person so I’ve just stumbled across them on blogs a few times but didn’t really get what makes them so special… That feltcover is great though, I love the colour :)

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    • not a stupid question at all! :D First of all thanks! I’m very glad you like my feltdori! :3 Then for your answer! as a plannergirl I used to be crazy about filofax planners which are ringbound. The thing about planning in a midori plannerinsert is that it feels a lot more like a notebook. You can’t just take out the page when you mess something up. that alone is a challenge, but I love that! Since I also love decorating them I don’t just want to throw that all away (once the notebook is full). So since they are binded, you can store them very easily. :3 I also love decorating the covers of the inserts and make them more personal! I love the way it closes with an elastic too. And there’s just something about having some notebooks and sticking them all in there untill it’s your own special dori. :3 (very full or not at all) I’ll be doing a setupvideo soon as I get settled in my feltdori! ^^ I’m also going to start journaling, and it’s just awesome to have a journaling insert IN my dori aswell. :D You can just stick in there whatever. <3 The most fun part is though making your own dori. Becz then it definitely is unqiue. ^^ does that answer your question a bit? :D Feel free to ask more!

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  2. Hello Jess!
    I discover your youtube channel today and I am a big fan of what you do.
    I have also penpals and I love to write to with snail mail.
    Don’t hesitate to watch my blog.
    Lisa ( from France)

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